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About the Sacred Bodywork Team

We offer a variety of massage, bodywork and holistic healing retreats, classes and seminars, but all branched from two core holistic healing traditions, both of which are thousands of years old. In both traditions, universal knowledge was historically preserved through an intimate master-apprentice relationship which lasted years before the apprentice was ready to move out on his own. The modern world makes that type of apprenticeship rare, but it opens the potential for much broader forms of communication. As massage therapists, bodyworkers, life coaches, massage teachers, co-authors of several massage books, and founders of Sacred Bodywork Massage Continuing Education Healing Arts Center, we consider it our honor to preserve and share the ancient knowledge treasured in Thailand and Hawaii.

In both Thailand and Hawaii, bodywork is a sacred art form and is recognized as a powerful holistic healing tool. Their understanding of life revolves around an inter-connectedness of all beings and a recognition that addressing the mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies is at least as important in overall health as any physical symptoms.

Neither Thai Massage nor Hawaiian Lomilomi can be learned in a weekend seminar. They are unique and profoundly healing for the giver and the receiver in a way that requires time and deep levels of commitment, practice and dedication from the practitioner to fully access their multidimensional healing benefits. Our goal in all of our classes is to open the eyes of participants to their unlimited potential. As you progress through the various levels of our massage courses and seminars, you will see a shift in yourself from the mechanical to the inspired, from doubt to intuition and from curiosity to wonder. As all your senses open, you will embark in your own pathway for personal growth and transformation to a deeper spiritual and human/ professional levels of consciousness, you will see more and will have the tools to further develop your own healing art.

For those reasons Sacred Bodywork was created as a holistic bodywork center and as a massage & bodywork continuing education provider with the specific mission:

It is an honor for us to be teaching every year on Kauai, Hawaii in October in our Hawaiian Lomilomi Retreat and in Chiang Mai, Thailand in November in our Thai Massage Retreat.


Dennis Stovall first fell in love with bodywork when he was introduced to Thai massage. Fascinated by the blend of physical, spiritual and energetic, he graduated from Educating Hands and has continued to study, explore, practice and teach Thai ever since. He is co-founder/director of Sacred Bodywork, along with Jairo Kealoha Cardona. Along with Thai, their other core modality is Hawaiian Lomilomi. Their mission with Sacred Bodywork is to share these ancient healing traditions in a way that is true to their origins while making them relevant and accessible to modern practitioners.


" Lomilomi: A connection of heart, hands and soul with the source of all life"

" Lomilomi is: prayer in action, sacred, a gift, a sacred journey going within, celebration, freedom, synchronicity of movement, waves, pure energy in motion, a way of life, Aloha, spirit, Mana, Ho'oponopono, transformation, awakening, cosmic consciousness, going back to the source, connecting to the divine, beyond space and time, merging, melting, becoming one with All that Is… in Lomilomi there is no difference between the giver, the receiver and what is given."_ Kumu Jairo Kealoha Cardona

Kumu Jairo is also deeply passionate about these two healing traditions…for more than 15 years, he has continuously studied, practiced, researched and trained others on Traditional Thai Massage and of Hawaiian Lomilomi, Huna, Hawaiian shamanism, both so very different to the observer and so very similar in their benefits to the recipient. It is the deep spiritual connection nurtured in these modalities that outweighs any differences. As co-founder/director of Sacred Bodywork, it is his mission to preserve these healing traditions and spread the spirit of Metta/Aloha in the modern world. Based on his extensive studies and research, Jairo and Dennis have written all the workbooks Sacred Bodywork uses in all of their classes, training workshops and retreats.

In service to this mission, kumus Jairo, Dennis, Harry and Karen travel worldwide to teach in schools, spas and retreat centers.


"You are enough and you have everything you need just by being who you are”
– Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim (Native Hawaiian healer/teacher)

Harry Uhane Jim, an authentic Hawaiian Kahuna is recognized throughout the world for his healing gifts as a Kahuna Lomilomi Lapa'au. He was trained in the traditional apprentice style by the most respected, native Kahunas of the last seven decades.

Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim shares with us the healing secrets of Lomilomi. He teaches the techniques that open us to healing in body and spirit. Harry is uniquely, "Harry." His humor and gentle approach reaches our Spirits as he touches our hearts with the sweet Aloha of Hawaii.

His presentations carry authenticity and are known for unveiling profound ancient truths with wit and laughter. He teaches that physical healing is a small bit and that Lomilomi is emotional evolution, a gift from Spirit to humanity available to all of us. He evokes the Hawaiian experience of healing by raising your vibration.

He is author of Wise Secrets of ALOHA... ~.Learn and live the Sacred Art of Lomilomi. ~


Kumu Karen is a Kahu (Minister) and she does blessings, gives Hawaiian names, teaches Hawaiian values as well as Hawaiian Lomilomi massage. Her healing work includes spiritual cleansing and finding your life path.

Her professions have included: Clinical nursing, Medical-Surgical nursing, Psychiatric nursing, and owner/operator of two adult residential care homes and senior day care program. Kumu has owned and operated a 4-acre white ginger farm and sold white Micronesian ginger leis in retail outlets island-wide. She is the founder of a non-profit organization, and has taught classes in caregiver training for families, as well as organized ukulele classes for disadvantaged children. She was the activity director for Lunalilo Home, a care facility for elderly Hawaiians that was set up by Hawaii’s King William Charles Lunalilo. As their Kahu, minister, she did clearings, blessings and services for them and continues to do blessings for homes and businesses in Hawaii, Japan, and on the mainland.

Kumu Karen teaches Hawaiian Lomilomi massage in Oahu and Kauai in Hawaii, and at the National Holistic Institute in San Francisco and LA. She provides Lomilomi seminars to Japanese-speaking students. She also teaches Lomilomi to families who want to be able to share it with other family members and friends.


Aloha Nui loa and METTA to our Sacred Bodywork family!




NCBTMBSacred Bodywork, LLC is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. NCBTMB Provider # 450670-08, and by the States of Florida and Louisiana Boards of Massage Therapy, Florida CE Provider # 50-9043 and Louisiana CE Provider #LAO0155.