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Discovering the Chakras Series



This series is designed as a multi-dimensional approach for understanding, balancing and healing our chakra energy system. It provides participants with dynamic tools for personal and professional growth and encompasses a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual approach to energy awareness, energy medicine and personal growth. All ancient paradigms are based on the understanding that through balancing our energetic being we also heal the physical body, and this series gives you practical hands-on tools for doing exactly that.

By joining us in this 7-month journey of discovery, you will expand your personal and professional knowledge. As you learn to better understand how your own story, behaviors and patterns can affect the wellbeing of your energetic system, you will be able to clear blockages within yourself and heal at all levels. Through healing yourself, you become a strong container, able to support those around you work toward wholeness and balance in their energetic system. You will also learn to reach out in a way that transcends the purely physical world we live in to connect at a deeper, more fundamental way with those you touch. Your therapeutic relationships will move to a higher level of consciousness, as will the effectiveness of your work.

At a Personal Level:
o Discover who you are and take charge of your life
o Experience a life-changing holistic approach to mental, physical, emotional, spiritual wellbeing, joy and happiness
o Align your heart, mind, body, and spirit for a powerful, more energetic and more authentic you
o Free yourself of limiting, negative patterns, which drain energy and vitality, allowing yourself space to move towards greater freedom and empowerment
o Heal painful physical, mental and/or emotional ailments which hold you back and deplete your energy
o Leave empowered, self-actualized and motivated to be able physically, mentally and emotionally to manifest your dreams/ goals at personal and professional levels, remaining in the realm of infinite possibilities

Quality of Touch for LMTs:
o Healing techniques to be applied by therapists in your daily sessions
o As a therapeutic tool for diagnostic, healing, problem solving, pain management, and behavioral and functional modifications
o To define intention, technique, modality, type of energy therapy, etc.
o Hands-on demo and hands-on supervised sessions
o By understanding the chakras, practitioners can better address common physical, emotional, mental blockages.

Our Discovering the Chakras schedule* includes one chakra class per month on the last Tuesday of the month to give participants time to process and practice the material and techniques from that chakra before moving to the next. All levels must be taken sequentially.

Discovering the Chakras Series - 56 Continuing Education hours

In our chakra series, participants will explore key components of the body's energetic systems. Ancient traditions are based on the understanding of the body as a reflection of the energetic being. Any imbalance in the flow of energy throughout the body creates illness. By understanding the chakras, practitioners can better address common blockages. We will address one chakra per month, on the last Tuesday of each month, staring January 2019. This allows time to assimilate and process the information while preparing for the next chakra. Registration is for the complete series only: $950 advance registration, $1150 regularly

- Discovering the Root Chakra - 8 CE Hours – 29 January 2019
- Discovering the Sacral Chakra - 8 CE Hours – 26 February 2019
- Discovering the Solar Plexus Chakra - 8 CE Hours – 26 March 2019
- Discovering the Heart Chakra - 8 CE Hours – 30 April 2019
- Discovering the Throat Chakra - 8 CE Hours – 28 May 2019
- Discovering the Third Eye Chakra - 8 CE Hours – 25 June 2019
- Discovering the Crown Chakra - 8 CE Hours – 30 July 2019

These 56 CE Hours count toward our Thai Certification Program

Chakra Series



Discovering the Chakra Series

Root Chakra Class


Root Chakra Class

Sacral Chakra Class

Solar Plexus Chakra Class

Heart Chakra Class

Throat Chakra Class

Brow Chakra Class

Chakra Class



My Chakras Journey


“Each chakra series has taught me a great deal, but the one that resonated the most was the heart chakra, forgiveness towards everything and being open to love without any expectation. To look at all people and situations with reverence.”


“The journey was intense and transformative for me. It complimented my other healing work and became a guideline and focus. At the end I feel more aware of where I need more work and what I healed. I am changed and yet the same. I feel accomplished, I feel proud and I have made major changes in my life. But I also need a break to let everything settle in. I am moving in the right direction. There is no turning back…and I am looking forward to this next step in my journey. It only gets better.”


“Truly a self-discovery journey. Month by month I was able to recognize and acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses, my shadows and qualities. Re-affirming what really is my purpose in life. Thank you Jairo and Dennis for guiding me in this path and thanks to all my group for walking it with me.”


“A journey of self-discovery and self-love—an integration/marriage between heart and mind—clarity and understanding of my own universe—a playful treasure hunt of the self, where I found pieces of me that I wanted and needed back—remembering parts of me, my own nature—a transformation in process—lighter and stronger in my core, in love.”


“We traveled, and we touched the places where our life force culminates and converges.
We listened to the stories written there.
We understood, we laughed, we cried, we thanked.
We added happy endings to our stories; we rerouted our destinies by conscious, informed choices.
We opened the gifts of power contained in each of the chakras and we shared.
We saw that everything is perfect already and this acknowledgement changed how we relate to our lives.
No we will have a cake, but we will be back.”


“During my 7 month journey I’ve learned I’m a work in progress. There’s a reason why I’ve always done things a certain way. It’s okay, it’s normal, I’m not crazy. I’ve learned and I guess I was reminded that only I can create my own happiness. It’s ok to feel fear at times, but I can’t allow fear to control my life. I’ve learned to love more, love myself more. I was reminded that if things haven’t happened it’s because I’m not there yet. Little by little I’m seeing things fall into place…I’m doing what I need to do to be in that space and that’s more than I was doing before. And I’m happy.”


“This last 7 months have been transformational. Maybe it is the power of the crystals or maybe it is all the crying, but I feel light, more free now than ever. Pure happiness. Feeling liberated because I know I can face my demons as long as I trust. Trust in the divine truth. Trust in God. In your Self. I can fly!”


“My smile comes so much more feely now. I feel wiser within myself and I feel a stronger connection to the universe. I feel now more than ever that I am in the right place. Coming on this journey was definitely what I needed in my life. I am so thankful that I have made a new Chakra family and I have a renewed spirit that wants to grow further. I have never been happier!”


“In the last three months I’ve found sanctuary here. A place to learn and share with new friends and family about the most fundamental building blocks that make us who we are and about the transformational power of who we will become—through honesty to one’s self, trust in our intuition, a willingness to embrace and surrender to love, wordly and eternal.”


“This has been a remarkable start to my Personal Journey of self-inquiry. I unfold as a lotus flower; as it grows each petal a new layer is revealed. I’m aware that my work has only just begun and I’m perfectly content with my Journey and where this path is leading me. For I am in the process of reconnecting with my True Divine Self. What lies beneath my shadow self. This was a huge revelation, more than I wanted has changed.”


“The throat chakra for me is the connection of my voice, my actions verbal and non-verbal to my past, present, and future. Balancing this chakra allows me to return to my true self. Giving me the freedom to speak my truth.” 

“My Throat is the gate from my inner to the outer. It vibrates with loving intention that allows healing for the listener and speaker. What once destroyed me now rejuvenates all.
A story rewritten into Infinity with joy. Fear evolved into love. Pain transformed into Peace. A journey of one becoming one for all.”
--Tricia Hi’ilani


“Today I got a lot of answers to questions I’ve had. The crown chakra equals clarity but also showed me I have a lot of work to do on myself continuously!

“My chakra journey changed my life. It woke me up from a lost robotic sleep. There was a lot of discomfort but also a lot of healing and growth. Honestly it was an overwhelming blessing.”


“My crown chakra journey has been one of discovery into divinity from within myself. The past seven months have been quite a journey of self-discovery. I’m so glad the classes were spread out because each chakra journey had time to open. I see and feel in myself to be a new person living my life with a newfound perspective on life. My whole life has changed because I have changed, and I know that this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey. I feel like the right people are attracted to me and the right opportunities are coming my way. I am so very grateful.”


“As always, I feel at home and at peace with receiving so much love and kindness and happiness at every class here. I have wanted to ‘know’ the chakras and begin to understand with some knowledge, I have learned of myself, my strengths and weakness.”


Crown Chakra Class






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