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Below is a listing of our catalog of courses, with a brief description, upcoming dates and a registration link. For more details about a particular course, click on the course name. All courses are scheduled with a maximum number of attendees to allow for the highest quality of instruction and hands-on experience, so please register early.

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Traditional Thai Massage Courses:

Introduction to Thai Massage  

12 NCBTMB/ Florida State CE hours

This two-day class is designed to give you the flavor of Traditional Thai Massage, and it is perfect for those interested in exploring a new modality but unsure if this ancient technique is right for you. This is a practical, hands-on class designed to give you tools you can immediately incorporate into your existing massage practice. This course is appropriate for participants at all levels with no pre-requisites.

Introduction to Thai Massage


Thai Level I (92 CE hours) explores the history, development and foundations of Thai Massage as a healing art and provides students with the training and foundations to perform a Traditional Thai Massage in the Front, Sitting, Side-Lying and Back positions. Emphasis throughout the course is placed on proper body mechanics, clear explanations and demonstrations of every step and the healing benefits, indications and contraindications associated with the different positions.

2. Thai Level II (92 CE hours)

Thai Ayurvedic Massage (48 CE Hours)

A set of three Thai traditional treatments for balancing 3 bio-humors, 5 elements, 5 Vajus. Thai Herbal medicinal oils and specific Thai therapeutic techniques are used to balance, restore and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit.

Upcoming Courses:

Thai Basic Practitioner Program

Thai on the Table Class 16 NCBTMB/ Florida State CE hours per level/ 64 CE Hours Total

Thai Massage is traditionally done on a mat on the floor, but much of the work can easily be adapted to the table. In these hands-on classes, you will learn a little about the basics of Traditional Thai Massage and how to incorporate Thai techniques into your existing practice.

The four courses offer techniques from the Front Position (16 CE hours), Back Position (16 CE hours), Sitting Position (16 CE hours) and Side-lying Position (16 CE hours)

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Thai Facial Massage Class 16 NCBTMB/Florida State CE Hours

Very often, the face does not get much attention during a massage but it is one of the most sacred aspects of the massage. Energetically you can work the entire body through the energy lines of the face and you are addressing the highest chakras. In this class, you will learn great hands-on techniques and three specific massage protocols for the face, neck and shoulders from the Thai massage tradition to add to your skill set.

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Thai Foot Massage 16 NCBTMB/ Florida State CE hours

Thai Reflexology 24 NCBTMB/ Florida State CE hours

Participants will learn a relaxing and balancing Thai Foot Massage treatment, including the use of Thai wooden sticks. This unique reflexology massage routine will add an Eastern flavor to your regular massage, and will increase your repertoire of techniques to offer your clients.

Chakra Balancing Through the Feet 24 NCBTMB/ Florida State CE hours

Part of our Discovering the Chakras Series, this course uses traditional Thai Foot Reflexology treatments to target and balance the chakras of the body. As our chakra energetic system moves toward balance, the benefits can be felt on all levels.


Healing with Thai Herbal Bundles 24 NCBTMB/ Florida State CE hours

Hydrotherapy and bodywork are two of the cornerstones of Thai Traditional Medicine. In this hands-on class, you will learn to incorporate the use of luk pra kob (steamed bundles of Thai herbs) into your Thai massage with wide-reaching benefits.

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Thai Detox Massage Class 16 NCBTMB/ Florida State CE hours

The Thai Detox Massage incorporates Thai Reflexology- Energy Work, Hot/Cold Herbal Compress treatments, whole body dry brush applications and Ayurvedic Abdominal Massage. The fusion of these massage cleansing techniques stimulates internal organs and works on the muscular, circulatory and lymphatic systems to ease tension, improve blood/lymph circulation, remove toxins from the major abdominal organs, eliminate waste, clear energetic blockages and balance energy ki, or life force, to improve overall health.


* The courses which make up our Thai Certification Program are generally offered over a two-year cycle. A certification as a Traditional Thai Massage Practitioner is earned by completing all 360 CE hours of coursework, 12 hours of hands-on clinics and a final practical exam.

There are no pre-requisites for Thai Intro and Thai Massage Level I, and students are accepted without any prior bodywork training.

The Thai Spa protocols can be taken together or separately and provide more detailed and specialized techniques to further enhance your work. Any of the Thai Spa Protocols can be taken in any order with no pre-requisites. Each of these Spa Protocols is as much an art form as a healing modalities and can be incorporated into any modality you already practice.

Advanced Thai and Thai Ayurvedic courses require the basic levels as pre-requisites.

Our Thai Cooking Class - 4 CE Hours, is offered once per year.

We also offer the option of 'One on One'-'private training in Traditional Thai Massage'.


Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage

LomiLomi Hawaiian Massage is among the oldest healing modalities on the planet. LomiLomi is an experience that overwhelms the mind with sensations and at the same time communicates acceptance, unconditional love, totally nurtures the body and mind and reconnects the recipient with the spirit. In these courses, you will learn the sacred Huna traditions upon which Hawaiian Temple Bodywork is built, shamanic rituals, HA breath, Hula dance, and learn to give a flowing Lomi Lomi massage using the free-flowing forearm strokes for which LomiLomi is famous. LomiLomi will change the way you think, feel, move and breathe; you will see why LomiLomi is easy on your body and delightful for your clients. All Lomi movements are demonstrated, followed by ample time for hands-on practice. Our program consists of 176 hours as outlined below:

This course provides an overview into the ancient tradition of Hawaiian bodywork. Participants will learn the history and development of the work, along with basic techniques, principles of movement and body mechanics.

This course provides the basic tools, techniques and framework for the practice of Hawaiian Lomilomi massage. This ancient tradition is heart-based, intuitive work that requires the highest level of focused intention from the practitioner. Participants will learn to give a 60-90 minute Lomilomi massage.

Building on the foundations from Level 1, this course expands the participant's understanding of energetic anatomy and principles and techniques of touch in Hawaiian Lomilomi. Participants will learn to incorporate this new information to create a session tailored to the key blockages and restrictions of their recipient.

  • By Invitation Only

This course further enhances the participant's understanding and effectiveness in this ancient tradition by incorporating shamanic principles and levels of reality into the practice of Hawaiian Lomilomi.

In these four days participants will learn to incorporate heated volcanic stones into a Lomilomi massage. The stones amplify the practitioner's awareness and intention to improve the effectiveness of the session while lulling the recipient into a blissful dreaminess.

In the Hawaiian tradition, absolutely everything is alive, aware and responsive. That means that elements from nature can be used for healing. This course focuses on the use of shells in a Lomilomi session to improve the effectiveness of your work.

Hawaiians feel a deep connection with water, and Lomilomi massage incorporates wavelike movements to gently dissolve restrictions and blockages. In these two days, participants will learn to better emulate natural waves in their Lomilomi bodywork.

There are many aspects of this ancient tradition of bodywork. The work canb e done in many setting with a wide variety of techniques, all of them effective. Participants in this course will learn to perform a 60-90 minute Lomilomi massage with the recipient sitting upright, with an emphasis on common areas of tension in the neck, shoulders and upper body.

Lomilomi Retreat


* The Hawaiian Lomilomi trainings are open to anyone interested in this ancient sacred art – you do not to be a massage therapist to attend. There are no pre-requisites for Lomilomi Intro Class and for Level I, and students are accepted without any prior bodywork training. Levels 2, 3 and 4 are sequential and require previous Lomi training.


Sacred Stone Class

Sacred Hot Stone Massage - Levels I & II 32 NCBTMB/ Florida State CE hours

Stones have been used in various healing techniques for thousands of years, and the spa industry (and your clients) rediscovered the benefits in the past few years. In this two-day program, you will learn about the history of healing with stones, indications/contraindications/cautions for working with the stones, how to charge and communicate with the stones and how to transmit healing energy through the stones. Because it is one of the most beautiful, this course is taught using the Hawaiian holistic approach and style of working with the stones. All techniques are fully demonstrated, followed by hands-on practice, so you can add this popular treatment to your profile.

Discovering the Chakras Series - 56 Continuing Education hours

In this series, participants will explore key components of the body's energetic systems. Ancient traditions are based on the understanding of the body as a reflection of the energetic being. Any imbalance in the flow of energy throughout the body creates illness. By understanding the chakras, practitioners can better address common blockages.

Detoxing the Chakras Series - 56 Continuing Education hours

Over time, we clutter the chakras with baggage...painful memories, unhealthy attachments, regrets, doubts and fears. All of this keeps our chakras from working at peak efficiency and leads to imbalance in our lives. In this monthly series, we will delve into these roadblocks to our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Everything is a lesson and when we learn the lesson, we move to the next level of our personal development and evolution. (Requires completion of Discovering the Chakras as a pre-requisite.)


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Refund Policies

All of our classes are scheduled in good faith, and we keep the class size small in order to provide the maximum personal attention to each participant. That means we depend on the presence of each registered participant in order to have a viable class. If you register for one of our classes and find you cannot attend, please notify us as soon as possible:

For workshops (not retreats), with advance notice of at least 5 days, we can reschedule you to another class or issue a full refund- less a $25 administrative charge per registrant

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If you do not attend your scheduled class without making prior arrangements with us, all amounts are credited towards a future class, good for one year. Exceptions will be considered if you are able to provide written documentation of an emergency

Once you begin a class, all fees are non-refundable but if you find an emergency prevents you from completing the class, you may make arrangements with us to complete the program on another scheduled date

Any classes scheduled specifically on request, such as Spa Staff Training courses or small group classes are non-refundable but may be rescheduled with advance notice

Retreat Policies

To set up a workshop in your area
Organize 12 participants and your own class will be free! Contact Dennis at 786.261.6170;

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