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The Legend of the Children of the Rainbow

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Ke Akua is There

by Kumu Karen Leialoha Carroll



I stand on the beach
With the wind in my hair
Looking at the horizon
Ke Akua is there

There is peace from within,
In my heart in my soul,
And I go with the tide
Knowing God's in control.

When I'm troubled and need
His counsel divine,
I just close my eyes
And open my mind.

The answer will come,
In my heart, I will hear,
If I need his counsel
I have nothing to fear.

Life is too short
To waste even a minute,
We need to embrace life
Each second we're in it.

By giving to others,
With love and with feeling,
Then will our lives be filled
With true meaning.

So, I go with the 'aina,
Pohaku and wai,
The mana you feel
Descend from on high.

Heed the whispers of caution
That defend and protect you,
And go with the flow
Ke Akua directs you.

I wrote this poem while standing on the beach at Waimanalo.

- Karen Leialoha Carroll


Aloha Mai - We come with love!

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