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The Love that Never Ends


by Kumu Jairo Kealoha



I create the world that I live in

I am unique
I am the result of the choices I make
I respect myself and honor my choices for love

I am my universe and all life, all love and all divine guidance supports me

All things are Sacred and I see the Sacredness in All
Only love, happiness, peace and joy resides within me

I am Ku, Kane & Lono
I am alive
I trust in myself

I love the way I am:

I am healthy
I am whole
I am complete

I am clear
I am connected
I am in harmony

I am relaxed, at peace with myself, confident, emotionally neutral, honest, flexible, loose, open, receptive and free-floating...I am a wave

I am awake
I am my dream
I am my fantasy

I am my past, my present, and my future

I am grateful
I am kind
I am happiness

I am grace
I am sacred
I am a temple

I am pure energy
I am divine
I am eternal

I am blessed
I am radiant in the light of Aloha
I live in paradise

God is within me
I am Kealohapauole the love that never ends...
I am the rainbow, I am the sun, I am the rain, I am the mist

And my heart opens to overflow sending wave after wave of love...

Me he lau no ke Ko`olau ke aloha
My love is like the ends (fingertips) of the Ko`olau breeze
My love is like a zephyr, gentle and invisible but present nevertheless...

I am Aloha...You are Aloha...We are Aloha...We are ONE

I am...Aloha, simply a vibration of love that reaches out to smoothe all the jagged edges and raw places
I am...Aloha the gentle flowing and nurturing wave from the heart that doesn't ask,
"What must I do?" Rather, "How Can I help?"

We are all that wave...We are Aloha...We are ONE

...Kealohapauole the wave of love that continues on into infinity

I am Aloha...You are Aloha...We are Aloha...We are ONE
I am precious...You are precious to me...You are precious to us ...
and loved beyond measure

We are LOVE


I stand in the presence of the one who created me
I acknowledge the spark of the Divine within me, and recognize it in others...
They become my 'Ohana

All that I see is Love... Kealohapauole, the love that never ends

We can say to our brother, " My heart knows you!

I remember the love we shared from the beginning

We are One"


Jairo Kealoha Cardona

© 2011 Jairo Kealoha Cardona


* Mahalo nui loa Kumu Karen Leialoha Carroll

Charlie Riverman Bergeron and

Kahu Kahealani Kawaiolamanaloa Satchitananda


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