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Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage Training


Hawaiian LomiLomi Levels I to VII

324 NCBTMB, Florida and Louisiana States Continuing Education hours

Instructors/ Lomi Kumu: Dennis Kamalu Stovall & Jairo Kealoha Cardona, LMTs, NCBTMB

We at Sacred Bodywork are dedicated to teach, promote and perpetuate the ancient art of Hawaiian Lomilomi, and promote and honor the Hawaiian culture, history, hula and Hawaiian holistic healing arts.

~ 'A'ohe pau ka 'ike i ka halau ho'okahi ~
" All knowledge is not taught in one school "
Hawaiians believe that there are many sources of knowledge
and many ways to think about things.

 "As with all ancient Hawaiian teachings, there are different lineages and teachers of Lomilomi. Each will have a slightly different technique. One is not better than another; they are just different, the important thing is the focus, intent and love of the practitioner. They must always be respectful, honoring and maintain the sovereignty of the massage and do what is Pono or right with the culture and ancient teachings"~ Lomi Kumu Tracey Ha'aolakainapali

There are many different styles of Hawaiian massage and different names for each style. The most important thing to remember is that no matter what style of LomiLomi you want to practice, the common thread that runs through it all is the unconditional Spirit of Aloha, the total respect, honor and sacredness in everything. The Hawaiian “temple-style” bodywork was originally practiced by the ancient Kahunas (Hawaiian shamans) to transform, connect, heal and completely balance all aspects of self. Following the Hawaiian tradition, the spirit of ALOHA is shared in all our LomiLomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork trainings. For us, ALOHA is the power that unites heart with heart, soul with soul, life with life, culture with culture, race with race, nation with nation. And the presence of the sacred HA breath - connecting mind, body and spirit is present in the beautiful, graceful and fluid Hawaiian LomiLomi massage, music, hula dance and chants.



Sacred Lomilomi

"Lomilomi is: prayer in action, sacred, a gift, a sacred journey going within, celebration, freedom, synchronicity of movement, waves, pure energy in motion, a way of life, Aloha, spirit, Mana, Ho'oponopono, transformation, awakening, cosmic consciousness, going back to the source, connecting to the divine, beyond space and time, merging, melting, becoming one with All that Is… in Lomilomi there is no difference between the giver, the receiver and what is given."

-- Jairo Kealoha Cardona

“If your hands are gentle and loving, your patient will feel the sincerity of your heart and the love of God will flow through you.” 

-- Aunty Margaret Machado

Hawaiian LomiLomi is transformational bodywork based on ancient kahuna traditions. Using sacred HA breathing techniques, visualization, Mana energy work and the rhythms of the Hula dance, it works gently but deeply into the recipient's body, mind and spirit, using continuous flowing wavelike strokes and nurturing the body. It is an experience that overwhelms the mind with sensations and at the same time communicates unconditional love, freedom, joy and acceptance to the inner self.

This intimate type of bodywork utilizes long, broad fluid movements. Two-handed, forearm, and elbow application of strokes, which cover a broad area, is characteristic of lomilomi. This modality uses prayer and the acknowledgment of the existence of a higher power as an integral part of the technique. Lomilomi--Hawaiian for rub rub--is described by teacher Aunty Margaret Machado as “the loving touch--a connection between heart, hand, and soul with the source of all life.” Aunty Margaret was the first to teach lomilomi in a formal, classroom situation; previously the training was passed on within the family or to an apprentice by kahunas or shamans. Hot oils and hot Pohaku stones are used in the application of the Lomilomi massage. The practitioner often uses the forearm and elbow in the application of pressure.

Unlike many massage modalities, LomiLomi works toward the emotional/energetic sources of pain and stress to release the root causes, not just alleviate symptoms.

Hawaiian Temple bodywork is guided by the seven shamanic principles.

The Lomi Lomi Massage course is divided into seven sections, which are designed to be taken in order, as the material progresses from the theoretical foundations of Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage through increasingly complex movements.

In our Hawaiian Bodywork workshops and Lomilomi training you will learn...

  • The unique art of Hawaiian bodywork, the holistic effects in 'Body-Mind-Spirit,' and how to use LomiLomi both in your personal life and in your professional practice.
  • Hawaiian values, Hawaiian chants, Ho'oponopono of the emotional body, listening for messages of spirit, opu huli and healing with shells.
  • The healing uses of your forearm, hands and elbows in a full body Lomi massage, and how to integrate the Hawaiian Lomi’ energy/ dance into your everyday massages, using the protocols in conjunction with Swedish, deep tissue massage, and/or with any other hands-on modality you know 
  • The universal laws and their multi-level effects
  • The principles, precautions, indications and contraindications of Lomi Pohaku massage, and the use of hands, elbows treatments on lomi acu-points
  • To use LomiLomi as another useful bodywork techniques and learn the proper hand placement, energy systems/ PONO balancing and the importance of working with the MANA life energy and your ALOHA healing intention and unconditional love
  • To perform a 2 1/2 - 3 hour therapeutic full body Hawaiian Lomilomi massage, and to apply this multidimensional bodywork to restore, balance, and help your clients better manage their anxiety, depression, stress and/or other conditions of our modern lifestyle

By completing all Lomilomi courses, you will have completed a total of 324 NCBTMB, Florida and Louisiana States Continuing Education hours of Hawaiian LomiLomi coursework, including explanations, demonstrations, and hands-on practical training. The materials covered in the Lomilomi courses detailed below.

Lomi Intro Class - 16 Continuing Education hours
This course provides an overview into the ancient tradition of Hawaiian bodywork. Participants will learn the history and development of the work, along with basic techniques, principles of movement and body mechanics.

Hawaiian LomiLomi - Basic Level I - 32 Continuing Education hours
This course provides the basic tools, techniques and framework for the practice of Hawaiian Lomilomi massage. This ancient tradition is heart-based, intuitive work that requires the highest level of focused intention from the practitioner. Participants will learn to give a 60-90 minute Lomilomi massage. $700 early registration, $800 regularly

Hawaiian LomiLomi - Basic Level II - 32 Continuing Education hours
Building on the foundations from Level I, this course expands the participant's understanding of energetic anatomy and principles and techniques of touch in Hawaiian Lomilomi. Participants will learn to incorporate this new information to create a session tailored to the key blockages and restrictions of their recipient.

Hawaiian LomiLomi - Level III - 32 Continuing Education hours
This course further enhances the participant's understanding and effectiveness in this ancient tradition by incorporating shamanic principles and levels of reality into the practice of Hawaiian Lomilomi. Kua Lua back and front Walking.

In these four days participants will learn to incorporate heated volcanic stones into a Lomilomi massage. The Pohaku stones amplify the practitioner's awareness and intention to improve the effectiveness of the session while lulling the recipient into a blissful dreaminess.

Hawaiian LomiLomi - Level IV-

Lomi Wai - 16 Continuing Education hours
Hawaiians feel a deep connection with water, and Lomilomi massage incorporates wavelike movements to gently dissolve restrictions and blockages. In these two days, participants will learn to better emulate natural waves in their Lomilomi bodywork.

Hawaiian Lomilomi with Shells - 8 Continuing Education hours * Elective class
In the Hawaiian tradition, absolutely everything is alive, aware and responsive. That means that elements from nature can be used for healing. This course focuses on the use of shells in a Lomilomi session to improve the effectiveness of your work.

Hawaiian Lomilomi Seated Massage - 8 Continuing Education hours * Elective class
There are many aspects of this ancient tradition of bodywork. The work can be done in many setting with a wide variety of techniques, all of them effective. Participants in this course will learn to perform a 60-90 minute Lomilomi massage with the recipient sitting upright, with an emphasis on common areas of tension in the neck, shoulders and upper body.

Hawaiian LomiLomi - Advanced Levels V-VI-VII- 120 Continuing Education hours

By invitation only


* Elective courses are classes not required to graduate or fulfill our Lomilomi certificate

Hawaiian Lomilomi Retreat to Italy - 18-28 September 2018 - Rome, Italy

32 NCBTMB/ Florida State CE hours

In Hawaiian tradition, life is about immersing yourself in the moment, living life fully present, enjoying the beauty and the marvels that surround us every day and in every moment and nurturing your mind, body and spirit to be the fullest most perfect expression of yourself. If you want an intimate experience with Italian culture while learning the ancient art of Lomilomi, join us on this retreat to Italy and live this moment to its fullest. All time is now.

Register for Italy Retreat

** The Lomilomi trainings are open to anyone interested in this ancient sacred art – you do not to be a massage therapist to attend. Couples are welcome

Recommendation to all Lomi lomi massage new students

We suggest that you read the following class materials before you arrive to any of our Intensive Lomilomi Class Program:

Sacred Bodywork Lomilomi Upcoming Courses/ Retreats:

Hawaiian Lomilomi Spa Flow at Maui Spa, Boca Raton, Florida

Lomi Spa Staff Training Program


Hawaian Lomilomi Level I

* The Traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi trainings are open to anyone interested in this ancient sacred healing art – you do not to be a massage therapist to attend.

Hawaiian Lomilomi Advanced Level II




Hawaiian Lomilomi Advanced Level III



Lomilomi Retreat Kauai



Hawaiian Lomilomi Training on Kauai, HI

Our 'ohana at our last Lomilomi Retreat, Kauai Hawaii


Please contact us to register or for any questions:

786.261.6170 info@sacredbodywork.us

www.sacredbodywork.us www.thaimassageclasses.com


Découvrez les massage LomiLomi

Sacred Bodywork Ecole de Formation Massage Hawaien Lomi lomi

Lomi Massage in Paris

~ Hawaiian Lomilomi in Paris, France ~

Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage- LomiLomi du Temple Hawaiien Niveaux I;
Lomi Kumus Jairo Kealoha Cardona et Dennis Kamalu Stovall, LMTs, NCBTMB.

The City of Lights + the Spirit of Aloha is a powerful and magical combination. Participants will learn how this ancient bodywork evolved in Hawaiian culture, how to "un-limit" themselves in their bodywork and how to give a flowing, connecting and healing lomi massage in the front and back positions. Level I; 40 NCBTMB Continuing Education Hours.

Nos formations en massage sont accessibles à tous, que vous souhaitiez exercer cet art à titre professionnel ou non.

Sacred Bodywork a voyagé dans le monde entier. Elle a reçu l'enseignement des massages dans les pays d'origine - Inde, Thaïlande, Indonésie, Hawaïï... de façon à vous transmettre les vraies techniques originales.

Apprendre comment donner un massage lomilomi relaxant.Vous avez ainsi la chance d'avoir accès aux plus grandes techniques de massage ! Elles sont pratiquées dans les SPA les plus prestigieux du monde. Réservez vite votre place pour apporter à votre tour bien-être et détente à vos clients ou vos amis.

Classe sera enseigner en anglais avec un traducteur français/ Lomilomi Class will be teach in English with a French translator.

A très bientôt! Kumus Jairo Kealoha & Dennis Kamalu

Plus de détails retraite à Paris seront envoyées à tous les participants inscrits à l'avance. Si vous avez des questions, s'il vous plaît contacter Dennis Kamalu Stovall à: dennis@sacredbodywork.us ou 786.261.6170.


Hawaiian Lomilomi in Italy

~ Hawaiian Lomilomi in Rome, Italy ~

Programma del corso di massaggio hawaiano - Lomi lomi – in Italia
Roma, Italia, 2019
32 NCBTMB, Florida e Louisiana State Continuing Education ore
Istruttori /Lomi Kumus: Dennis Kamalu Stovall & Jairo Kealoha Cardona

Nella tradizione hawaiana, vita è immergersi nel momento, vivere la vita pienamente presente, godendo le bellezze e le meraviglie che ci circondano ogni giorno e in ogni momento e nutrire la mente, corpo e spirito per essere la massima espressione di perfetta la maggior parte di voi stessi. Se volete un'esperienza intima con cultura italiana mentre imparare l'antica arte del Lomilomi, Unisciti a noi su questo rifugio in Italia e vivere questo momento nella sua pienezza. Tutti i tempi sono ora.

Nostro punto di partenza per questo ritiro è Viterbo, 50 miglia a nord di Roma. Vitberbo è un'antica città etrusca ricca di storia. Fondata dagli Etruschi e infine rilevata da Roma, fu un importante centro medievale e nel XIII secolo divenne la residenza dei Papi. Le Terme di Viterbo sono state celebrate dal prima del tempo di Dante e guadagnano menzione in l Inferno.

L'Italia detiene alcuni dei tesori artistici più belle mai creati dall'uomo, e ci sarà esplorare molte delle quali con escursioni giornaliere. In vero stile Hawaiano, godetevi ogni boccone di ogni pasto; Gli italiani prendere tempo per godere di ogni sfumatura del loro cibo e la compagnia con cui condividono i pasti. Nutrire il vostro corpo con bagni quotidiani. Balneazione elevata Romani a uno degli aspetti più fieri e più duraturi della loro civiltà; Gli Hawaiani sapevano troppo l'illimitato potere di guarigione di acqua, di minerali e di calore.

In questi 11 giorni, 10 notti, ci saranno circondiamo con la magia di Roma, Viterbo e Firenze, sia antichi che moderni. Ammirate le creazioni di inizia antiche d'Italia e come essi ancora ci ispirano tanti secoli più tardi.
Da Viterbo faremo escursioni a Roma e i suoi tesori unici. Avremo anche un giorno libero per esplorare Firenze per conto proprio. Ogni giorno vi porterà una nuova avventura per il tuo bambino interiore, cibo e nutrimento per il corpo, attrazioni culturali di ispirare il tuo più alto potenziale, Lomilomi pratica e fare il bagno a purificare la vostra anima.

Iscrivetevi oggi per prenotare il tuo posto in questo rifugio magico. La quota di iscrizione include, 11 giorni/10 notti ha condiviso gli alloggi, pasti, escursioni di gruppo con trasporto e le tasse del corso; non include biglietto aereo.

Lomilomi Class will be teach in English and Italian.

A Presto Aloha! Kumus Jairo Kealoha & Dennis Kamalu

Più ritirata in Viterbo dettagli verrà inviato a tutti i partecipanti registrati in anticipo. Se avete domande, si prega di contattare Dennis Kamalu Stovall presso: dennis@sacredbodywork.us o 786-261-6170


Lomi O'hana Reunion


Sacred Bodywork Annual Lomilomi 'Ohana Reunion


2015 Lomilomi 'Ohana Reunion

Lomi Kumu

Mahalo nui loa, special thanks to our guest speaker Kumu Paula Kameali'i Hamelik

for sharing your mana'o with the 'ohana.

2015 Ohana Reunion

“Getting to know your true self, your spirit is one of the most beautiful and challenging things in this journey. Felt as limitless as a flying bird yet bound to the ground with invisible chains…that little by little become more and more clear and easy to break. With trust and love we are able to move mountains…it all becomes so much easier when we are with the 'OHANA. A net of endless love and energy that is everywhere we see.”
--Eddy Kahulako





2014 'Ohana Reunion

Sacred Bodywork Lomi Reunion


Hawaiian Lomi 'Ohana

The Lomi family, ‘ohana, goes on from generation to generation
the seeds of tradition we plant bear fruit in a thousand different ways.

Aloha Blessing to our Lomi 'Ohana around the world!



Lomilomi Level I Class

“Love, compassion, acceptance and gratitude. Thought of inner peace and harmony arise in Lomilomi for me. I want to share those emotions with my ‘ohana or whoever wants to receive bodywork. Open sacred space filled with beautiful intentions and higher vibration. Lomilomi touches the heart directly and creates connection to the divine. We are all divinity and our essence comes from creation. For those who have lost touch to creation, this sacred bodywork among others restores balance and brings us to the moment we had our first breath. Lomilomi is connection to the universe.”
—Carl R

Sacred Bodywork Training Program


Retreat poem for my 'Ohana -- Love Is lomilomi

"Love is pono, love is here,
from within our hearts, within our tears.
Love is embrace, our touch sublime,...
from ancestral past, from spirits divine.
Love is our Kumu, 'Ohana, and HA,
our Aloha, pule and malama.
Love is our mana, our gift, our Ku,
our Kulueana, to heal and renew.
Love is lokahi, through lomilomi,
holistic healing for you and me.
Love is Aloha, our presence to share,
it's up to us to BE light everywhere."

— Michelle Ka'imiola


We love Lomilomi

“Connection to the source, the universe, the same universe we perceive inside and outside of us. Lomilomi is a gate to the unknown, to exploring and opening ourselves to other realities, perceptions. To me Lomilomi is hope, hope that there is much more to life than what society has established. Hope that what I have felt in me since very young has a place to be and fully manifest. Hope that love is the reality. Lomilomi is a safe place for everyone to be, without fear of judgment or need or pressure to be someone else. Lomilomi allows us humans to be humans and touch the very essence of what makes us humans. All emotions need to be expressed or at least given the chance to be and flow.”


We love Lomilomi

" LomiLomi is the creation of a sacred space whereby we are a witness and facilitator to the re-harmonization of the mind, body, and spirit with the energy / life force of the universe by freeing the receiver of all limitations and blockages.
It is healing
It is an awakening of your senses
It is purification
It is infinite waves of all encompassing energy
It is Mana
It is light as it is heavy
It is space without past or future but only the now
It is balance, grace and movement
It is a rainbow of emotion
It is a shower of compassion
It is hearts, minds, and spirits melding
It is Ho’oponopono
It is reconnection of physical, emotional and spiritual selves
It is warm intention
It is HA
It is the physical application of prayer (Pule)
It makes right what is wrong
It is a gift
It is the soul in flight
It is the shark, whale, spider, dolphin, salmon, each of you in my lomi class, Dennis kamalu, Jairo Kealoha, my 'ohana family and friends
It is the ying and the yang
It is Free
It is love.

Mahalo Kumus Dennis Kamalu and Jairo Kealoha,

Words can't express what you guys have opened for me."
Angus Michael C.


Lomi 'Ohana

"I have learned that Lomilomi is not just a technique or style but a 'Way of Being'. I feel that it is something that was already inside me and is being brought out. I know once the physical movement gets more into my inner self it will become an infinite dance in my life. Lomilomi is in my body. I can flow in all dimensions".
—Krista M.


Lomi 'Ohana 001

"An incredible experience; Lomilomi is the most intimate & personal massage I have experienced. I think it will help me grow even more as a person with each client I have.
I think it is very powerful for both receiver and giver. I find it such an intriguing massage in so many ways. I want to read more about it and I feel like it has infinite amount learning more about it. I want to put the practice into my life in everyday... personally, spiritually, & professionally; and I know if I do this my life will be greatly enriched in all areas".
—Cindy N.


'Ohana Nui

"I’ve learned to incorporate more feeling into the massage* I feel like I am connecting more with the recipient than I ever Have...- Also, I feel like I have been more in tune with my feelings and emotions since Lomilomi. This has been such a wonderful learning experience!"
—Terra Y.


Lomi 'Ohana Nui

"After having attended several Lomilomi classes, I have come to understand the connections of everyone, exemplified by the relationship among the therapists and clients, manifested in the synchronicity of movement, the waves, the energy and motion. Beyond that I was genuinely touched by how good people can be".

—Steve A.

Kauai Retreat

"Absolutely fabulous. Very talented teachers. Clearly passionate and excited long time students, practitioners of the subject. Very inspiring for me, more than I expected. I learned that being in the moment is always important. There are many things I don’t know about Hawaii and its ancient customs and it is fascinating for me to learn the treasures of another culture. I appreciate the holistic system of healing that seems to have developed in Hawaii. The energetic concepts are what most fascinate me".
—Katja H.


'Ohana Nui

"Kumus Jairo & Dennis,
Thank you for a beautiful experience. Thank you Lomilomi! And thanks to all the guides in the class. It was a maturing experience, helping me to let go of my fears and to embrace my truth. It also brought to mind my loved ones who could not accept such a spiritual experience. I will have more compassion for them. I feel energized and ready to sail forward with my mission. I can't say thank you enough.  Love",
—Jim H.


Lomi 'Ohana Hawaii

"With Lomilomi I feel grounded, connected; I already start building a big bridge between my spirit and me. My world had expanded, my mind is the universe, and my heart understood how big it is".
—Juan Manuel L.


Lomi 'Ohana 010

“In the past eleven days, I have found something that touches my heart in many ways. The massage of Sacred Lomi combines all that I believe and all that I am to the world, to myself. Finding this spiritual practice of love, compassion and rebirth will forever change my life and all that I touch, whether I am giving massage or just saying hello to a passerby.
I feel more connected sitting here on the floor in this sacred space than I have felt in a church. This I believe is due to the belief system and philosophy set forth by the kahuna thousands of years ago. I firmly believe in all the possibilities of energy exchange, healing, transformation, connectedness to all in this dimensional plane as well as past and future dimensions. This being said, Lomi is making me confirm I am whole, perfect and complete.
Having lived in Hawaii for a few years, I am able to find a new respect for the islands and its local people. Being there before and having this respect and living among the few natives, I was not able to have the knowledge and understanding of this sacred tradition. I am blessed and honored to be a part of this group.
Thank you Kumus Dennis and Jairo for bringing this powerful knowledge to us.”
—Joy P.

Lomi 'ohana

“I really thoroughly enjoyed receiving LomiLomi massage. I felt like I was worshipped and loved for two hours. This type of massage feels more healing rather than temporarily treating. For the most part though, I am torn, confused, and intimidated. Before yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed Swedish massage and was looking forward to learning craniosacral, neuromuscular and geriatrics. Now I feel like it would be difficult to be on both ends of the spectrum of massage.
The sacredness of Lomi Lomi intimidates me. I wonder if my clients in my area I’ll be working would appreciate this ancient massage. Would I be able to have a neuromuscular session with a client and my next appointment performs Lomi Lomi? It seems like such a switch.”
—Krista F.

We are 'Ohana

“Up until I took this class, I was pretty content with my life and my surroundings. But within these few days, my life has taken a turn. I actually feel more aware of the power my own two hands possess. It’s amazing to experience life through these kinds of experiences and to be able to pinpoint the moments when you know your life is changing. If it wasn’t for these last 10 months of hardcore learning, studying and experiencing Lomi, I honestly don’t think I would be the person I’m growing into. I’m so grateful and happy to be able to have had this in my life and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. I’ve been thinking of working on cruise ships and then moving to Hawaii, but now I really just want to get to Hawaii and start my life as an individual and be able to do the amazing work with my hands and help others in a different way that they never felt possible! In a crazy, fantastic way, this workshop has started a big change in my life and I’m very excited to start living as me. Lomi Lomi has changed me.”
—Kristina K.


Lomilomi 'Ohana

“For me Lomi Lomi is very connecting. My daughter has Maori roots, which can be traced back to the original kings and queens of New Zealand. Learning this is very important to me so that I can teach her and be connected to her on this spiritual level. I feel a deeper understanding of who I am and what my life’s mission is, which gives me the strength and endurance that I need to reach my goals.
Lomi Lomi is very similar to the Tao, which is what I aim for in my life. All of this information has come to me at the perfect time… A time in which my mind and heart are open to receiving.”

—Samantha S.

Hawaiian Lomilomi Retreat


"When life brings peace to our face and to our 'ohana we bring our brightness and Pono into alignment. as we have our love for each other always and forever."

"We each have our own task in our deep connection tor bring of light and love to all. as we bring our hopes for our reconnection with each other each and every day; we need not worry of our loss of feeling or connection for our souls see through the clouds that make our vibration possible in the bringing of happiness of our intention for us to heal us while healing others. I practice lomi lomi every day in every way not just in my own bodywork but in the essence of life; through my HA and through my chakras I will find the peace for which I can assimilate that which I can understand better. Lomi lomi isn't just a work or something we just do, it is a life style- it is a way of living for use to provide a factor of healing the not just heals the symptoms of the issues but the root problem through not just our movement and vibration but through our sacred intention."

—Maverick Hoaka

Hawaiian Lomilomi Training Program


“Challenging. Outside of my comfort zone. Self-development. A form of opening myself up as a channel for pure love and healing heart to heart connections. ‘Bodywork’ – physically, emotionally, spiritually with pure intention. A journey, learning to live in a higher vibration. Creating space for beauty, love, forgiveness, acceptance, respect. Live in the pa’a. Breathwork, a dance, energy in pure form. Healing the world—starting with me and then one person at a time. A calling.”
--Judith B.

Hawaiian Lomilomi Retreat

“Lomilomi for me is pure love and the place to merge with the only truth. It is the unraveling of entanglements which keep us bound and disconnected. Lomilomi is free expression of all levels of consciousness and unconsciousness dancing, singing, playing, merging harmoniously. Discovery of self is here. The place of transmutation and transformation. Giving into the deepest depths and ascending the highest heights, expanding and contracting into beyond infinity. Timelessness in all realms to no realm. It is the return to the source to know I am the source."

— Tonya I'olani




Sacred Bodywork Lomilomi Retreat on Kauai

“Lomilomi for me is waves, hearbeat, pulse, rhythm and breath. Lomilomi is pure closeness, pure togetherness, pure acceptance, pure oneness with my brothers and sisters of the earth. Lomilomi is a symbiotic dance between two or more souls, healing and nurturing each other.

“Lomilomi is nature. Lomilomi is art. Lomilomi is letting go. Lomilomi is freedom, intuition, gratitude and peace. Lomilomi is pure love, pure Aloha, the ultimate gift of light. Lomilomi is poetry by touch.

I breathe, therefore I Lomi."
—Maria Pomai Ka’i


Lomilomi Retreat on Kauai

“Lomilomi for me is a prayer offering for every client that walks into my healing room. It is a heart to hand to soul connection. It’s a pathway to facilitate healing on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

“Lomilomi for me is an art—it’s poetry in motion. It awakens my spirit and will awaken the spirit of my clients.

“Lomilomi for me is being one with God. It has been a journey. This class has surpassed all other classes I have taken.

“Lomilomi has taught me to honor sacredness and to remember what we do to others we do for ourselves.

— Sarah Malie



Aloha Mai - We come with love!

Lomi Kumus

Mahalo ke Akua, Mahalo to the kupuna (elders), kumu (teachers) Kahuna Papa Bray, Papa Kalua Kaiahua, Pilahi Paki, Mary Kawena Pukui, Max Freedom Long, Kahu Abraham Kawai'i, Mornah Nalamaku Simeona, Auntie Margaret Machado, Tamara Mondragon, Dane Kaohelani Silva, Brenda Mohalapua Ignacio, Tracey Ha'aolakainapali, Fern Merle-Jones, Louise Kleu, Tom Cochran and Donna Jason, among others, for being our source of inspiration.  

Mahalo nui loa to our Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim, Kahu Sila Jim, Kumu Wayne Kealohi Powell and Patti Kale'aokalani Powell, Kumu Paula Kameali'i Hamelik, Kumu Karen Leialoha Carroll, Kumu Leilani Kaleiohi Kalilimoku, Kahu Lahela, Kahu Graeme Kapono Urlich and Serge Kahili King for your teachings, friendship, support and for being part of our mission, and Mahalo to our 'ohana nui, our lomilomi family ~ all our haumana Sacred Bodywork students for their commitment in helping us to preserve the Hawaiian Culture, the Hawaiian spiritual traditions and Hawaiian heritage.

 Me ke Aloha pumehana a me malama pono, Moana

Thank you all for opening your hearts and souls,

Grace and gratitude to all,

Mahalo nui loa and waves of Aloha! Thank you for becoming part of our mission.

Lomi Kumu, Jairo Kealoha Cardona and Dennis Kamalu Stovall, LMTs, NCBTMB

  Sacred Bodywork Founders/ Directors



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