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Ancient Hawaiian Principles:

Now is the Moment of Power


by Kumu Jairo Kealoha



MANAWA (man-ah-wah) - now is the moment of power. All time is now - Living in the eternal now with no boundaries and limitations between past and future. 

A kupuna (elder) on the island of Maui said this about this principle: “If you are wondering if you are happy as you should be, you aren’t as happy as you should be. You can’t fool yourself for too long. Your lack of joy in life will catch up to you. Something will get your attention--an illness, loss, or other personal problem, but something, always tells you that you are squandering your greatest treasure - the gift of now. That’s why they call it “the present.”  (1) 

There is no power in the past and there is no power in the future. “the present” is the only moment of power.

We walk in our lives from moment to moment with ideas, thoughts, beliefs about ourselves. And with each idea, thought, belief in every given moment in time we create our reality. 

Now is the only moment that exists. Everything else, past and future, is just an illusion. This means living in the present instead of living through memories of the past or fantasizing about the future is our own responsibility and is our own choice.

The present is the only moment we can create, learn, live, share, enjoy.

We can’t change what has happened in the past, we can’t anguish over the past, and we can only change our perceptions of it.

Dreaming/anticipating/fearing/worrying of the uncertain future can be time and energy wasted because it is also an illusion, it is not here yet and maybe won’t ever be here.

The power to create our reality is here, it is now - being conscious, being awake, being aware; the gift of the present moment-now is where the power is.

Eternity is not just an infinite time, it is not far away, it is just the ever unfolding now, always happening, always here, timeless.  

If we want to be happy, live our lives to the fullest with joy, abundance, peace, accomplish our mission in life, share all the blessings that we receive every second let's don’t wait, the time is Now. 

Source: (1) The Pleasure Prescription- To love, to work, to play- Life in the balance, by Paul Ka’ikena Pearsall, Ph.D. 1996 Pg 49.


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