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Creating Space

by Kumu Jairo Kealoha



My Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim told me once, " certainly, I know... I know nothing,"... "I am certain I don't know." That phrase still resonates within me and makes me think that there in the certain place of knowing, we can find the key to create space for unlimited opportunities to build new realities and redesign our own lives, changing our destiny. Every second we have the chance to accept that there is so much to learn about ourselves and to reflect on who we are, what we want and how we can achieve our dreams, use our talents, accomplish our mission and realize our unlimited possibilities. Knowing that empowers us to create space for growing, for learning, for living in the present, enjoying paradise here and now.

The past is like an old beautiful house, that through the years becomes full of good/bad/odd memories, mementos, decorations, old/new furniture and last, but not least, clutter everywhere. The future, on the other hand, is not really clear, is not ours, is not here. It is out of our reach, out of our control and, in a way, the fear of that unknown future also is a clutter that covers each window of our house and does not allow us to see clearly the view to our secret garden, our soul.

So I decided to redecorate the house of my life, and I discovered that it is only possible when we create space, getting rid of the clutter from the past and letting go of the fear of the unknown. But, have you ever tried to get rid of the clutter in your home? Randomly we walk through our homes searching for things we do not need. To our surprise, each item seems to call out to us with its greater purpose in the scheme of our lives; clutter takes on a life of its own. Well, now, and only the now, is the time we have to apply drastic measures that give that clutter (Aka cords) a life far away from our own lives.

When we certainly know that we know nothing, and we know knowing that the only thing that we have now is the now, we create space to rebuild and to redecorate our own house, our own life, our own relationships, our own self. “Knowing from our heart” we become like a child again and we are able to see the true colors of the anuenue (Hawaiian rainbow)--magic happens! There is hope, there is joy, there is compassion, there is love, there is Aloha. We become the best decorator/builder/designer of who we truly are. There is something amazing when we accept the paradox of knowing nothing/knowing, then we restore our life, when we come back to consciousness and when we start from scratch, room by room in a clear space.

Now dear reader, please imagine a cleared lighted room. Focus on your rising and falling Ha breath (God’s breath within you). Breathe mana/energy into the space. Let go of what’s no longer needed. Notice what thoughts arise. That blank canvas of a cleared space in your life, your mind or your room, lets you imagine all the possibilities… then you will notice that there are no limits. HA AAAAA!

A nui nui mahalo Harry Uhane Jim. Thanks for the beauty of your soul which radiates out to all whom you touch and which I feel gifted to have received.

God is within you!
Aloha nui,
- Kumu Jairo Kealoha Cardona

"Where I live there are rainbows
With the laughter of morning
And starry nights.
Where I live there are rainbows
With flowers full of color
And birds filled with song.
I can smile when it's raining
Touch the warmth of the sun
I hear children laughing in this place
In this place that I love."

"Hawaiian Lullaby," written by Peter Moon and Hector Venegas.


Aloha Mai - We come with love!

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